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Science behind the shoes

Children’s feet aren’t simply clones of our own, adult feet - they’re growing and changing, from the bones and muscles inside to the shape and size of the foot outside. Without the right kind of support, a child can learn how to walk incorrectly, leading to health and safety issues as they age. 

Pediatric podiatrists advise parents that the first few months of walking are crucial in a child’s development; this is the point at which they’ll start learning everything from the length of their stride to how heavily they should step down.

Thick, heavy, or “clunky” children’s shoes (in other words, most of them!) can actually hinder this development, essentially preventing the sole of a child’s foot from “reading” the ground underneath. This can lead to an unsteady gait, difficulty maintaining an even stride, or even muscle pain or cramping, particularly in hard, unforgiving shoes. Bad habits learned early on in walking can stay with them their entire lives, leading to eventual orthopedic, foot, or back issues.

This is why STEPZIE shoes are built to encourage good walking habits, even for children that are just learning to take their first steps. STEPZIE shoes:

Protect your child’s tender soles from hard or sharp hazards on the ground, such as toy pieces or stones.

Offer a cool, comfortable fit that pulls on like a sock, making children far more likely to keep them on their feet.

Deliver an “open” fit for the toes that won’t bind them and lead to poor gait control.

Stay clean with a machine-washable design that helps you get rid of mud, dirt, and other contaminants, inside or out.